Untypical services

Unusual order?

In situations where it is impossible to transport machines, devices or other equipment via the staircase or by means of a lift – we are at your service. Heavy-weighing elements of large sizes are no obstacle to us. We can transport, carry, drag or pull them up. If such need arises, we can build special boxes for transporting untypical goods.

However, the specialty of our company are not only items untypical for their large size and mass, but also items untypical for their uniqueness and fragility.

This way we can guarantee you safe transport of aquariums, pianos, fortepianos, antiques and works of art.

The lack of stairs, carrying a piano through the window or a fortepiano through a hole in the roof – is no problem for us

We have the ability to put both heavy and delicate items in a desired place, without the client having to bear great costs.


We own great technical facilities, which is indispensable when carrying out this type of operations. Very frequently, we build special constructions enabling the performance of a service.

Due to high difficulty level of special and untypical tasks, it is necessary to assume that each commission requires a visit of our consultant. Most frequently it is connected with having to prepare extensively for executing the task in a safe and efficient way.