About us

KAMIŃSCY company

began its over thirtieth years ago.

Initially very small, a family business established in 1986, evolved into a dynamically growing and professional moving company, operating in the whole area of Poland and West Europe.

Aside from typical moves of private persons and companies, our company also offers more complicated undertakings such as transport of unusual items.

Due to extensive experience our company successfully performs moves of multi-tonne industrial machines, pianos and strongboxes.

The experience we have gained has taught us that despite established standard practices one should always approach each service individually.

We are open to new challenges, which is why we are so competent in handling even the most difficult undertakings. Our numerous regular clients and their satisfaction reflected in numerous references assure us that the course of action we have taken is proper.

Moves: poznań, wrocław. Relocating machines, special and untypical services, transport of furniture, transport by means of lorry-mounted cranes

Stair climber services with a lifting capacity of 600 kg.

We have a professional moving elevator with a reach of 31 meters

We have approximately 3,000,000 at our disposal. sealed transport containers that we make available to our customers.

In our work we are faithful to the following rule

The client prepares himself
for the move

to the extent that time,
his willingness and possibilities allow.

The rest is our business