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The client prepares himself
for the move to the extent
that time, his willingness and possibilities allow.

The rest is our business

We belong to the group of the largest removal companies in Europe

We have over 3,000 carrying containers that we make available to our customers for FREE

We use modern machines - a moving elevator with a reach of 31 meters
We carry out comprehensive relocations of factories, production halls and technological lines
Foreign removals are our specialty
Professional stair climber services.
With a lifting capacity of 600 kg
Transport and moving of machines up to 150 tons

We offer

Our services

  • Transport of pianos and grand pianos

  • Transport of safes and strongboxes

  • Furniture transport

  • Machine relocation (up to 150 tons)

  • Factory relocations

  • HDS transport

  • Atypical services

  • Property storage

  • Utilization

  • Transport services – stair climber –
    With a load capacity of 600 kg!