House removals

The Kaminski company
offers house removals

When moving large area houses, we provide up to several moving crews with cars to perform the service. This will enable you to relocate all house equipment in just one day within a given city, or in two working days if it is within the country.

We would like to stress that there is a possibility of a meeting with our consultant, which meeting serves to determine the scale of the whole undertaking and employ an appropriate number of crews for efficient performance of the service.

As part of the move,
we perform the following

  • property packing

  • disassembly and assembly of furniture and equipment

  • car loading and unloading

  • adaptation works

  • securing property for the time of transport

  • transport, including international transport

  • cleaning works

  • transport of pianos, strongboxes and safes

  • large size waste transport to a landfill