Removals of apartments

Within the flat removal
we realize

  • packing of possessions

  • disassembly and assembly of furniture and fitting

  • adaptive works

  • carrying down furniture and possessions and carrying in and placing it in a place of destination

  • shipment and unloading of a car

  • property security during transportation

  • transportation, on the international routes as well

  • cleaning works

  • transportation of pianos, grand pianos, strong boxes and cash boxes

  • large waste removal to a dumping ground


  1. different size cars equipped with self-unloading platform

  2. cardboard boxes to transport possessions and practical carrying containers

  3. self-adhesive evidential labels

  4. Any other packing and safety materials

  5. Sticks to transport clothes on hangers

  6. cardboard wardrobe boxes internal transport carts