Moving machines

Up to 150 TONS!

We are in possession of devices enabling lifting even very encased machines when there are no points of support available. We also have equipment which allows for relocating such machines and elements.

In the case of services performed inside halls where there is a risk of damaging the floor, or when the said floor does not meet the resistance criteria, we have portable floor systems at our disposal. This allows for efficient relocating of devices without damaging existent roads. If such need arises, we can also handle machine and device leveling. On multiple occasions we have performed comprehensive moves of workshops and production facilities. We have disassembled and transported machines and then restarted them in a new location, and that followed by an ACCEPTANCE test.

Building companies collaborating with us have laid foundations for machines transported by us. We take great pride in the fact that we have been able to lift and take outside (without using a lift) a machine weighing 80 tonnes which was embedded 1 metre below the surface of a haul road. We are also able to transport extremely sensitive and precise devices. Our employees have rich experience in machine transport. They systematically raise their professional qualifications and take part in regular trainings within the scope of health and safety.

We have extensive experience in relocating heavy and large size machines and devices. On numerous occasions we have transported and put in place machines and devices for companies all over the country.


  • hoists and jacks

  • forklifts, pallet trucks, warehouse trucks

  • transporting rollers, transporting tanks

  • winches with fixtures

  • portable floor systems

  • pads for machines

  • trucks with self-unloading lifts

  • lorry-mounted cranes

Furthermore, due to steady collaboration with companies having mobile cranes at their disposal, we can assure you that services of this sort are performed by professionals with maintaining any safety standards.