We offer individual storing facilities of a total area of about 200 square metres, completely at your disposal.

All facilities are located in the area of our transport base which base is protected 24 hours. We also ensure the possibility of locking the facility by means of “one’s own key”.

Thus, we make every effort to ensure that the furniture and personal belongings placed in our care are stored in a place which is safe and protected against any external factors and weather conditions.


Poznan office

os. Jana III Sobieskiego 3
60-688 Poznań

tel. 61 8234 685
mobile. 662 16 87 72
fax 61 8227 882
mail: biuro@kaminscy.com.pl

Wrocław office

ul. Sołtysowicka 62 A
51 - 168 Wrocław

tel. 71 3213 405
mobile. 511 115 152
mail wroclaw@kaminscy.com.pl

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